Elliot Richardson is a producer, mixer, engineer, composer from Southern California now residing in the Nashville, Tn area.  He has worked and traveled with artists from across the globe ranging from independent to signed major label artists.  His productions, mixes, and songs have gone on to be Televised; charted on the top 40 Billboard charts; and have received worldwide radio airplay.  His productions have also been used and played on, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisper, MTV Real World, and other various Television shows.  As an award winning mixer, Elliot encourages a creative outlook on music and continues to push the sound palate to a new level of artistry.  Elliot thanks you for your interest and would love to join along side you in your musical journey.  Please refer to the discography page for credits and the media page for sound bites and videos.  

Bands:  Elliot has been a member in the following bands throughout the years, Page(ld vocals/gtr), Driving By Braille(ld vocals/gtr), Midsummer(keyboards/gtr/bgv's), Peoplemover(gtr/bgv's), Venus Infers(gtr/bgv's/keys), Phil Joel(guitars/keys/bgv's), The Lads(gtr,bgv's).

Toured On the Road:  Driving By Braile( vocals, gtr), Phil Joel(guitar/keys/bgv’s), The Lads (gtr,bgv's), Jessica Frech, Jamie Jagochian, David Demarco.  



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