Trent Dabbs - co-writer. Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering. Remix. (Ready Set Records)  Zealand- Guitars. Vocals. Engineering. Mixing. (Word Records)  Michael Rosas - Mixer. Mastering. Remix. (Atlantic Records)  Joy Williams - Producer. Mixer. Engineer. (Columbia Records)  Mac Authority - Composer. Producer. Mixer. Engineer. (Regional Commercial)        Phil Joel - Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering. (Word Records)  Melee - Producer.Mixer.Engineer. (Warner Bros. Records)  Nathan Roberts and The New Birds - Mixer. Mastering. (Rewire Media)  Swimteam - Mixer. Mastering. (Hit City U.S.A)        Jessica Frech - Producer. Mixer.Engineer. (Eleven 17 Records)  Peter Furler- Mixer. (Inpop Records)  Limbeck -Co-producer.Engineer. (Doghouse Records)  Tune Time - Composer. Producer.Mixer.Engineer. (TBN television series) Shelly Fraley - co-writer. producer. mixer. engineer. (Hinterland House Publishing)  Lovelite - Producer.Engineer. (Come & Live Records)  Kingston - Mixer. (Aeroplane Records NZ)  Saint Espirit - Co-writer.Producer.Mixer.Engineer. (Dream Records) Topher Daniels - Co-producer. Engineer. Mixer. Mastering. (Warner Bros.)  Letter Kills -Engineer. (Interscope) The O.C. Supertones - Engineer. (BEC)   The Deal - Engineer. (Facedown Records)     The Lads - composer/songwriter/producer. Engineer. Mixer. (TBN Television Series) Honey Pie - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Davis Fetter - Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering. Venus Infers - Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering.  Paper Thin Walls - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer. ("The Colourists")  Fever Fever - Producer. Engineer. Mixer. Mastering. (Slospeak Records) Phil Lander - Mastering. (Roley Stone Media)  Fairchild - Engineer. (Sean Cimino of "Foster The People")  David Porcheddu - Producer. Engineer. Mixer.  Tommie Bozich - Mixer. Additional sounds. Ryan Baxley - Engineering. Mixer.  C3 Church Nashville - Engineer. Mixer. Mastering.  Flood The Stone - Mixer.  Suburban Legends -Mixer.Mastering.  Sacha Sacket - Mixer.  Danny Larsh - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Bearheart - Mixing. Mastering.  Flying Sparks - Mixer. Mastering.  Aushua - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering.  Mike Cambell - (Guitar for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)- engineer.  Brian Ray - (Guitar for Paul McCartney) engineer.  Ladies & Gentelman - Mixer. Mastering.  EEII - Mixer.  Evan Jarrell - Mastering.  Julie Downs Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Modern Subject - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Starshine - Co-producer. Engineer. guitars. Mastering.  Danny Larsh - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Ryan Baxley - Engineering. Mixer.  Beta Lion- Mixer.  Tarmac - Mixer.  Peoplemover - Guitars. Vocals. Engineer.  Unionvox  - Mixer.  Five Letters - Mixer. Mastering.  The Fictions - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Derek Dahl - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Stereo Intellect - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  It's Like Love - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Italian/Japanese - Mastering.  Jai Callahan - Mixer.  Stellar - Co-Producer. Engineer.  Blue Background - Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Route of Soul - Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  All About The Benjamins Mastering.  Fly Denver Mixer.  Robert Mayer Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Kelly Ruppe (Nothern Records)Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Crave Worship Band Engineer.  Sas Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Muse of Fire Mixer. Engineer.  Hoodwink Engineer. Mixer.  Soonmee Kwan Engineer. Mixer.  Frank not so hotsa sinatra Mixer. Engineer.  South Shores Church Band Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Uovoixn Producer. Mixer. Engineering.Songwriter  Rami Alfara Mixer. Engineer.  Ann Laui Mixer. Engineer.  Midnight Swordance Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  Marin Smith Producer. Mixer. Engineer.  South Shores Church choir and orchestra Mixer. Engineer. Mastering.  South Coast Singers and Orchestra Engineer.  Tori Lee Mixer. Engineer.  Crescent Drive Mixer. Engineer.  Bootleg Engineer.  BOH(O.C. Music Award winner) Mixer. Engineer.  Curt Philips (IE Music Award winner)Mixer. Engineer. Programming. Mastering.  Dead Mans Dollar (O.C. Music Award Nominee)Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering.  Phinehas Co-Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Mastering.  Nathaniel Meyst Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Guitars. Programming. Mastering. Stairwells Producer. Mixer. Engineer. Guitars.  Fire in Cairo Mixer. Engineer.

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