May News @EAR Creative

Hey everyone, I am happy to announce that I finished up a complete design and site build for South Orange County Detox & Treatment center from San Clemente, Ca.  They specialize in Drug & Alcohol addiction recovery be sure to check them out if you need any help or know anyone that needs that type of assistance.  They take people from all over the nation and their recovery house is located right near the beach in San Clemente, Ca.  Take a look when you get a chance!

On the music side of things, I finished up mastering some music for California artist Elisa Randazzo of Fairchild.  The track was produced by her and her friends, and mixed by San Diego, Ca producer, Matt Santurro.  The track has a nice California beach sound to it and makes you want to relax by the water.  I also finished up a track called, "I'm The One You Know", for California artist, Davis Fetter, which I produced, mixed, and engineered here in Nashville.  The song should be out sometime soon for everyone to hear.  Be sure to take a listen to what Davis has been up to at

Talk to you soon!